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The cheap and high quality river gold mining equipment for sale


Zhengzhou Sinolion Machinery is devoted to designing river gold mining equipment and manufacturing……

Zhengzhou Sinolion Machinery is devoted to designing river gold mining equipment

and manufacturing benefication equipment for more than ten years, has rich practical experience. Here is the ore dressing method of gold ore.

Scope of application: gold mining; screening materials

Alias: gold digger, trommel screen machine, round cage, gold trommel screen, river gold mining equipment

Specifications of rover gold mining equipment: complete

Usage of gold trommel screen machine: sea sand, river sand, mud stone, sand stone, ore, mining, extraction and washing gold or other metals.

Advantages of river gold mining equipment for gold trommel screen

Adopt rolling conveying principle, the friction coefficient is small, the wear is light, and the sieve hole is not blocked.

The roller support adopts integral shaft structure, running smoothly, no vibration, low noise.

The internal roller screen fittings are designed with split body, simple structure, quick replacement and maintenance.

Safe and reliable operation, low power, low energy consumption, energy saving effect.

One-time investment, small investment funds, large amount of treatment (thousands of tons per day), recovery is particularly high.

The ore with a content of 0.02 g/t can also earn explosive profits.


The mineral dressing method of alluvial gold ore of river gold mining equipment:

The river gold mining equipment is similar to the placer tin deposit, which is deposited on the hillside, the river bed and the shore of the lake, forming a certain enrichment. In general, the monomer dissociation degree of alluvial gold ore is high, only need to use roller screen, the large non-gold-bearing waste rock is sifted out, the gold deposit remains on the clay gold cloth, or into centrifuges, shakers, and other selected equipment, you can a good index.

Working principle of gold trommel screen machine(river gold mining equipment)

River gold mining equipment, as the name implies, is a commonly used screen in mineral processing, it is usually used before the sorting process. Through the continuous rotation of the gold trommel screen, the large pieces of waste stone can be thrown out, thus saving the time of sorting operation, greatly improving the next step of sorting operation. The motor connects the reducer with the drum device by coupling, and drives the drum device to rotate around its axis. The gold trommel screen is formed by means of mechanical method with several parallel sieve strips. After putting the material into the drum device, because of the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material is flipped and rolled, and the material is sifted out one by one through different mesh screens, and the material stuck in the sieve hole can also be ejected to prevent blockage.

The usage of river gold trommel screen machine

The gold trommel screen overcomes the problem of screen sticking and blocking when various vibrating screens are sieving wet materials, such as the similar rolling grinding principle of ball mill, which makes the flushing cleaner, scrubbing more thoroughly, separating concentrate and impurities more completely, without residue, improves the yield and reliability of screening system, and improves the recovery rate of concentrate (gold ore). Suitable for screening large materials of various properties, gold ore, as well as coal, coal gangue, coke quick-maturing lime and other wet easily blocked materials, especially for sand gold ore, sand tin ore screening has a better effect.

Process flow of the river gold mining equipment

The so-called river gold mining equipment, as the name implies, is now the most commonly used in mining field, such as: vibrating screen, roller screen, agitation chute, fixed chute, water jacket centrifuge, shaking bed, dip gold grass, mobile gold digger, etc.

The river gold mining equipment focuses on the agitate chute, shaker, mobile gold equipment or centrifuge. Both the agitation chute and the centrifuge machine can realize mechanized cleaning of coarse concentrate, and the treatment capacity is large and the recovery rate is high. This process equipment configuration is compact, the reasonable use of gold equipment space and natural height difference, to achieve the self-flow return of slurry, thus simplifying the gold selection process; plus the selection operation, reduce the loss of gold. This process will eventually replace the chute – jig process. In addition, the gold mining equipment will add raw ore dehydration, desliming process; extraction of gold-bearing heavy sand, the final product in the shore selection plant extraction, so as to simplify the gold mining equipment selection process, reduce the loss of gold, improve the recovery rate.

River gold mining equipment can process materials containing gold, dry beach sand, rock loose clastic sediments using the specific gravity of gold, hydrophilic and other mixed material physical properties of the use of heavy separation, flotation technology to separate sand-gold equipment.


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