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Municipal Solid Waste Trommel screen


Municipal Solid Waste Trommel screen It is used in sorting MSW, landfill waste, scrap metal indust……

Municipal Solid Waste Trommel screen

It is used in sorting MSW, landfill waste, scrap metal industry, etc. It can separate different density and size materials from various solid waste.

Characteristic of shaftless trommel screen

Separate different size material by diifferent size of drum screen.

Separate different density material by different rotary speed of trommel screen

High efficiency separate organic material from solid waste and high throughput.

Modular design and convenient maintenance

New design roller with super resistant.

A variety of models are available.

Shape of the Bag-opening Trommel Screen: circular sieve drum, which using multiple groups of axial skeletonstructure that made of carbon steel to ensurethe structural strength and reduce self weight of the equipment.

The sieve plate is made by bending Q345B (16Mn), which has good wear-resisting performance andguarantees the service life of the sieve plate. The sieve surface adopts the form of circular sieve hole andtriangular arrangement, which can meet the requirements of the sieve plate strength and meanwhile ensurethe maximum number of sieve holes to improve screening efficiency.

The outer ring of roller is covered with wear-resistant rubber, which can ensure its durability,improvetransmission efficiency, reduce roller track wear and running noise. The outer circle tolerance of the rubbershould be within t1mm to ensure the smoothness of the cylinder track.

The reducer motor and drive wheel are connected by cross universal coupling, which is stable and reliable, andcan play the role of overload protection.

The sieve hole can be circular or square (special sieve hole can be designed according to the materialsituation).

The cylinder is made of high-quality carbon steel. Holistic processing of rolling ring makes the coaxiality of

The equipment within design range, stable operation and good tightness of the equipment, which can effectivelyreduce dust from further diffusion.

An inspection port is set outside the sieve body for convenient maintenance and cleaning.

The equipment feeding and discharging chute is designed according to the site and material conditions.

Special bag opening knives with high eficiency can be designed according to the demand of the inside barrel

Working principle:

Trommel is installed in a small angel with the inputend a little higher than the output end. After havingentered into the drum,the material moves along with the drum’s rotation.During the rotation and the moving forward,the small sized material dropsthrough the screen holes,the big sized material will be discharged at the discharging chute at the end.This rotation can make sure thematerial go through enough holes to greatly opti-mize the separation effect.

We can design round trommel screen, hexagonal trommel screen according to the different characteristics of solid waste, it has self-cleaning function.

Shaftless trommel screen technical parameter:



size Diameter Length throughput Rotation speed Inclination Power
(m) (mm) (mm) (t/h) (r/min) (%) (kw)
GTS-1109 1.1×9 1100 9000 9 5-18 3-6 11
GTS-1210 1.2×10 1200 10000 15 5-18 3-6 15
GTS-1512 1.5×12 1500 12000 18 5-18 3-6 22
GTS-1815 1.8×15 1800 15000 25 5-18 3-6 37
GTS-2016 2×16 2000 16000 30 5-18 3-6 45
GTS-2216 2.2×16 2200 16000 35 5-18 3-6 45
GTS-2220 2.2×20 2200 20000 40 5-18 3-6 45
GTS-2520 2.5×20 2500 20000 45 5-18 3-6 55


Throughput are different according to materials properties, moisture and composition, all information are for reference.

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