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Municipal Solid Sorting Plant Compost Fertilizer Trommel Screen Machine


The compost fertilizer trommel screen machine is a kind of sorting equipment widely used in pre-se……

The compost fertilizer trommel screen machine is a kind of sorting equipment widely used in pre-selection and composting of municipal mineralized waste.

The traditional compost fertilizer drum screen machine is supported by a roller. When working, the motor and reducer drive the two active rollers on one side of the cylinder to rotate. Depending on the friction force, the active roller drives the cylinder to rotate, while the two roller wheels on the other side play a follower role.

The inclination angle of the municipal solid sorting plant will affect the retention time of the garbage material in the sieve tube, and it is generally considered that the tilt angle of the drum screen tube is in the range. Because of the rotation of the cylinder, the material slips along the inner wall of the cylinder, and the fine material smaller than the sieve hole of the cylinder falls into the receiving slot, while the coarse material larger than the sieve hole is discharged from the other end of the cylinder.

The structure of the sieve cylinder is round, polygonal and compound. The circular shape is usually used, because the balance degree of the circle is good, the operation is smooth, the processing is simple, while the balance degree of the polygon and the composite shape is poor, and the impact of the motion vibration is large.

The sieve cylinder is mainly composed of sieve plate, frame and guide plate. The sieve plate is formed by stamping or drilling into a sieve hole on a certain thickness steel plate. According to the characteristics of the sieve material, the thickness of the sieve plate is determined. The sieve plate needs to meet the requirements of large strength, uniform wear and long service life.

The sieve surface of compost fertilizer trommel screen machine is the working part of the sieve machine and needs to be installed on the frame and fixed with bolts and pressure plates. The sieve support adopts left and right symmetrical arrangement, friction drive and bilateral drive. The sieve cylinder support is on the drive wheel, and the motor drives the sieve cylinder rotation through the reducer. The transmission form of compost fertilizer roller screen is divided into gear transmission, chain transmission, belt transmission and friction transmission according to the driving mode of screen body.

In the first three forms, the transmission system of compost fertilizer is relatively independent of the sieve support, so the gear, sprocket or pulley must be installed on the sieve as the transmission part. The latter transmission mode, friction transmission, uses the sieve support as the transmission component, combines the sieve support with the transmission system, simplifies the structure and reduces the manufacturing cost obviously.

However, compared with other drives, friction transmission of compost fertilizer trommel screen machine has low power transfer ability. Usually, the friction surface pressure of drum screen friction transmission comes from the weight of drum screen body and the weight of material in drum, which hinders the transmission of roller. Motor often can not play its full power, and friction wheel slip phenomenon.

Some measures in the design can greatly improve the transmission performance of friction transmission of municipal solid sorting plant compost fertilizer drum screen and reduce the slip phenomenon of friction wheel.

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