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Limestone powder trommel screen machine advantages


The production of limestone powder trommel screen equipment: The limestone powder trommel screen ……

The production of limestone powder trommel screen equipment:

The limestone powder trommel screen is mainly composed of motor, reducer, roller device, frame, seal cover, inlet and outlet. The trommel screen machine is tilted and mounted on the rack. The motor is connected by a reducer and a drum device through a coupling to drive the drum device to rotate around its axis. When the material enters the trommel screen, because of the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the trommel screen surface is flipped and rolled, so that the qualified material (the product under the sieve) is discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the back end of the drum, and the unqualified material (the product on the sieve) is discharged through the discharge port at the end of the drum.


The characteristics of limestone powder trommel screen machine:

The sieve hole of limestone powder trommel screen is not easy to block. It features smooth operation and low noise, simple structure, easy maintenance sieve can be closed, easy to close dust collection. The whole trommel screen machine has high reliability and less one-time investment.Besides, the screening efficiency is high, enjoying long service life.


Application of limestone powder trommel screen machine price:

Stones are used for grading large and small stones, soil and stone powder.

The limestone powder trommel screen machine is separated from the sand in the sand field.

Chemical industry: this limestone powder trommel screen machine is used for the classification of large and small blocks and separation of powdery substances.


The parameter of limestone powder trommel screen machine:

The screening efficiency of limestone powder trommel screen machine is as high as 95% or more 10%-70%, depending on the coal moisture content 10%-80%, depending on the coal moisture content.

The screening component can reach 100% MCR, unrestricted (10%-80%)MCR, depending on coal moisture (10%-80%)MCR, depending on coal moisture.

Energy consumption is small, noise belt sealed enclosure, low noise, high performance.

Good working environment: Sealed isolation cover, no pulverized coal dust and coal spatter.


Installation of limestone powder trommel screen machine:

Embedded steel plates. Before installation, the steel plate of limestone powder trommel screen should be pre-buried according to the requirements of the installation drawing of the equipment, and the upper plane of the pre-buried steel plate should be located on the same plane. The pre-buried steel plate and the bottom bolt needed for installation are all provided by the installation unit.


According to the position arrangement of feed port and discharge port of equipment, the installation position of sieve body is determined.


Install the base bracket. The two ends of the limestone powder trommel screen body are mounted on the foundation support through hoisting, and the installation angle of the limestone powder trommel screen body is adjusted to the design angle, and finally fixed welding is carried out.


Connect feed port and discharge port of the limestone powder trommel screen machine.

Connect the lower support seal plate of the limestone powder trommel screen body.

Turn the drum sieve cylinder by hand, there must be no excessive resistance or stuck phenomenon, otherwise we should find out the reasons to adjust.


After the limestone powder trommel screen is lift out of the factory, if it is installed for more than 6 months, the bearing of the large shaft must be removed and cleaned before installation, and new grease.


Operation and maintenance of the limestone powder trommel screen machine:

The limestone powder drum screen has reliable operation, small amount of maintenance, the following points should be noted in the operation of the following briefly described as follows:


When starting, you must first open the lime powder roller screen, then open the feeding equipment; when stopping, the opposite;

Bearing seat, gearbox should check the lubrication condition regularly, and refuel and change oil in time. Large shaft bearings using No .2 lithium grease, normally, every two months add grease, the amount of injection should not be too much, otherwise easy to cause bearing overheating. Each bearing shall be cleaned and inspected once a year.


​When the limestone powder trommel screen machine is stopped for a long time (more than 30 days), the insulation of the motor should be shaken to avoid the burning of the motor.

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