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Gold Washer Plant


The introduction of gold washer plant machine There are two kinds of gold washer plant screens, o……

The introduction of gold washer plant machine

There are two kinds of gold washer plant screens, one is gold-mining washer plant machine, the other is gold crusher equipment. Sand and gold washer plant equipment is mainly used in areas where there are rivers or areas dominated by sand or other materials, especially on both sides ofrivers and dry river beds. Mine crushing equipment is used in mines with gold mines. It is imperative to break stones into fine sand before selecting gold.


Zhengzhou Sinolion Machinery can manufacture mobile gold washer plant according to the requirements of customers.

This series of gold washer plant machine can deal with 50-500 tons of sand gold every hour. Zhengzhou Sinolion Machinery features the following advantages, such as, easy to move, integrated design, simple operation, saving labor, large amount of processing, obvious effect of gold separation, which is the contemporary advanced product and equipment in gold dressing. (Gold agitation chute, fixed chute or centrifugal separator can be selected according to the type of ore body or customer’s request)

The working principle of gold washer plant machine

Firstly, the motor of gold washer plant drives the roller mounted on the frame to rotate around its axis through the reducer and coupling.

Secondly, when the materials enter the gold washer plant trommel screen, the materials on the screen surface are continuously flipped and rolled, while the material on the screen surface are precipitated from top to bottom through the graded screen.

Thirdly, due to the different specifications of the gold washer plant screen, the materials are gradually separated and screened, the materials with qualified particle size (sieved materials) are sifted into their respective blanking hopper, and the unqualified materials (sieved materials) are discharged through the discharging port of the tail of the gold washer plant machine.

What’s more, because the materials are turned and rolled in the drum, the materials which are stuck in the sieve hole can be ejected to prevent the clogging of the gold washer plant screen hole.

The structure of the gold washer plant trommel screen machine

The gold washer plant trommel screen equipment includes transmission system, roller device, and frame, there are some characteristics and structure of this machine:

The composition of gold washer plant screen transmission system: mainly including motor, belt transmission, reducer, coupling, etc.,Besides,  the transmission device is stable, reliable, no noise.

Gold washer plant trommel device: mainly includes roller, bearing support, trommel screen, press bar and so on; among them, the gold washer plant roller is inclined arrangement, its support adopts the whole through shaft structure, the overall strength is high, the rigidity is big, guarantees the gold washer plant screen to run smoothly.

Gold washer plant screen: the press bar is fixed, the replacement screen is simple; according to the screening material characteristics, you can select the fully closed structure (add the outer cover, no dust pollution) or open structure.

Framework of gold washer plant: adopt integral welding forming, compact structure, and high reliability.

The technical parameter of the gold washer plant screen machine:

Model Capacity














YGTS1020 20-30 4 1000 2000 0-100 ≤300 3390×1400×2140
YGTS1225 30-50 5.5 1200 2500 0-100 ≤300 4146×1600×2680
YGTS1545 50-120 11 1500 4500 0-100 ≤400 8160×2300×3080
YGTS1548 80-150  15 1800 4800 0-100 ≤400 8460×2300×2500
YGTS1848 100-200 15 1800 4800 0-100 ≤400 8460×2300×2700
YGTS2060 300-400 30 2000 6000 0-100 ≤400 9680×2300×3420

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