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Charcoal Screening Machine For Sale In China


The main structure of the roller charcoal screening machine  The main structure of the roller scre……

The main structure of the roller charcoal screening machine 

The main structure of the roller screening machine is the sieve cylinder, which is composed of several circular sieve nets, the whole is inclined to the ground plane, and the outside is sealed by the sealing isolation cover to prevent the pollution of the environment.


Many people think that charcoal screening machine is a separate equipment, in fact, it is not like this, charcoal machine contains the whole production line, there are screening machine, pulverizer, dryer, belt conveyor, separator, carbon powder molding machine, carbonization machine, rod making machine and packing machine, etc. These charcoal trommel equipment are all necessary for the production mechanism of charcoal. Auxiliary equipment for charcoal screening equipment:


According to the requirement of the charcoal machine production line, when the material comparison rules and single wood, the rotary screen machine for charcoal can be omitted, the function of the roller screen is to screen the material and screen out the raw materials that can be used for the next working procedure.


Through the variable speed deceleration system, the sieve cylinder rotates at a certain speed, the material is separated from the top to bottom through the sieve cylinder, the fine material is discharged from the lower part of the front end of the sieve cylinder, and the coarse material is discharged from the tail end of the lower end of the sieve cylinder.


The charcoal rotary screen can be provided with a comb-type cleaning mechanism, which can achieve the effect of continuous cleaning of the screen body through the relative movement of the comb-type cleaning mechanism and the screening cylinder during the screening process, so that the screening cylinder can always be kept clean, non-stick, non-plug, and does not affect the screening effect throughout the working process.


The materials application of the screen machine for charcoal

The charcoal separator is used to screen stone, sandstone,coal charcoal, mineral materials, separate

size and small size and according to your raw material, production size and mesh, refractory material, coal, river sand grading, sand and stone grading medium, stone factory, mine, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry applicable  material, or one kind and another kind. particle size less than 300 mm solid material water treatment mineral processing pharmaceutical metallurgy chemical food medical pharmaceutical pharmaceutical coal petroleum textile ships: sand, sand, construction waste, kitchen waste, stone, coal quarry special heavy drum sieve price range is also based on different models and production.

Advantages of charcoal screening equipment

  1. Wide adaptability of materials
  2. High screening efficiency
  3. Large sieve weight, easy to enlarge
  4. Low energy consumption
  5. Good working environment
  6. The equipment has low noise.
  7. Long service life and low maintenance


This kind of charcoal trommel screen has the characteristics of low power, low energy consumption, self-cleaning device in the cylinder, and the sieve hole is not easy to be blocked; small occupied space, low investment cost; smooth and reliable operation; large amount of Zhongshi Sinolion Machinery equipment; simple process arrangement, convenient installation, maintenance, easy operation and so on. At the same time, the material has strong adaptability, viscosity, humidity, dirty, miscellaneous and other properties of materials can be sifted, feeding methods are diversified, that is, manual and mechanical transmission, can be mass production, the center screen is designed with ring flat steel ring, good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure, easy maintenance.


The screening equipment for charcoal: capacity 300 t/h

Matching machinery of charcoal sifter: sand washing machine, sand making machine, conveyor, vibrating screen

Applicable production line of charcoal vibrating screen: limestone, quartz, granite, basalt, gangue, etc.


Working principle of charcoal rotary screening equipment

Working principle of rotary screening mahcine is very simple, good understanding .Motor through coupling


connected together with accelerator and roller device,drive roller device to rotate around its axis.when


materials enter into the roller device,due to the tilting and rotation of roller device,the materials on the


screen is turned on and rolling.Qualified materials discharged by the screen of roller outer circle.Unqualified


materials discharged by the end of roller.Because the material keep on turning and rolling  inside the roller,


So that the material stuck in  the sieve can be ejected, can prevent clogging.


Several parts of rotary screening machine for charcoal:





3.Roller device




5.Sealing cover


6.Input and output port

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